The BIG Energy Show

Professor Smart Demonstrating Standing Waves

This show is built just for schools k-6. It is loud, uses 20 volunteers and it is a blast! It teaches about all the forms of energy and how we generate electrity. It is offered to schools that have already brought in the Fun with Physics Show and want to bring the  complematry show the next year.

The props for this show weigh a lot and take up a lot of room.  Due to the weight and size of props, this show does not fly easily.

“THE BIG ENERGY SHOW” OUTLINE (50 minutes long)

  1. Energy Types Rap
  2. Waves Transferring Energy
  3. Magnets are Everywhere
  4. Generating Electricity with Magnets
  5. Kinetic and Potential Energy (Human Sling Shot)
  6. Using Powerful Tools (screws)
  7. Levers, Fulcrums, Electromagnets and Cranes
  8. How Big is BIG!  The Importance of Math
  9. More with Static Electricity
  10. Awesome Optical Illusion

©Professor Smart 2012