Science Shows for Fairs

This show is for KIDS!

Professor Smart’s Science Shows are primarily built for kids 5-13 year-olds but is just as entertaining for adults. Even the youngest kids will be engaged by the juggling, the comedic physicality of the performer, and the tempo of the show. Professor Smart is accurate, funny, lively, uses many volunteers and can play for a wide variety of situations. Upbeat custom musical tracks and sound effects makes this show go above and beyond all expectations. “That was great!” is the comment heard most after a Professor Smart’s Science Show. Each person watching the gets to take home a card with an amazing optical illusion on it.



    Depending on Situation

    Professor Smart’s Science Show will include:

    • States of Matter
    • Sir Isaac Newton and Gravity
    • Gravity and Air Resistance
    • Air Pressure and Propulsion
    • Wings, Lift and Scientific Method
    • Fun with Gyroscopic Properties
    • Levers, Fulcrums and Math
    • Static Electricity
    • Head Shrinking Optical illusion